Company Name DID-GLOBAL Co.,LTD.
会社名 DID-GLOBAL株式会社
Main Office 2-3-14 Uchihiranomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
所在地 大阪市中央区内平野町二丁目3番14号
TEL +81-6-6947-1828
電話番号 06-6947-1128
Established 28th August 2012
創業 2012年8月28日
Capital stock 9,000,000yen
資本金 900万円
Representative Representative Director Akiko Kondo
代表者名 代表取締役 近藤 暁子
Business Management business of furnished apartments for foreigners Management business of the website Apartment-Japan.com
事業内容 外国人用家具付賃貸住宅の運営 Apartment Japan Webサイトの運営
Notification of Telecommunication Business No.E-30-04225 Approval company of Business Innovation in Osaka prefecture 2016, No.1058-71 Manufacturing Subsidies for 2017 granted Affiliation of The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry We have been providing a lot of furnished apartments focused to only for foreigners for about 10 years in Osaka. We are proud of our apartment and our services which are foreigner friendly, easy, and uncomplicated moving process, support for tenants etc. We wish all of our tenants enjoy their life comfortable, and their days during live in Japan will be a great treasure for their life. We are the founder and manager of this website Apartment-Japan.com. We made this website by gathering all our experience in order to support much more foreigners who want to live in Japan.
電気通信事業の届出  届出番号 E-30-04225 平成28年大阪府経営革新計画承認企業 第1058-71号 平成29年ものづくり補助金交付受領 大阪商工会議所 会員
Business Calendar
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